Working Groups

Knighton Wild has three active working groups.

Wash Brook Reserve Group

Join a working group cleaning in and round the pond at Wash Brook Nature Reserve on Wednesday 20th December 10.00 am to 2.00 pm.  More details…

St Mary Magdalen Churchyard Group

This group organises practical activities in the churchyard to maintain it in a wildlife friendly way, and works with the church and the City Council.  This activity is part of the Royal Horticultural Society It’s Your Neighbourhood scheme.  The group is responsible for the wildflower areas, shown in green on the map below and for maintaining the churchyard to encourage wildlife..

There were guided tours of the churchyard on Sunday 25th June 2017.

A work session was held on Saturday 16th June 2017 to rake up the grass cuttings.

Members of Knighton Wild laid a hedge along the north-west  side of the churchyard on Saturday 25th November 2017.  Photos before and after and a link to other photos here…

Tree Survey Group

The Tree Survey Group is organising practical activities around trees in Knighton.  The first activities are about surveying the trees we have.  There was a practical tree survey skills session in Knighton Park on 27th July 2017. The group will be practising its skills at the Wildlife Safari in the Wash Brook Nature Reserve on 26th August 2017, and is also carrying out a software-based analysis of the tree canopy cover in Knighton.