Knighton Spinney Nature Trail

Knighton Spinney Nature Trail Map

This nature trail is based on the original nature trail for Knighton Spinney produced by Leicester City Council, Environ and Leicester De Montfort Rotary.

On a smartphone or tablet, use the links below the map. In a browser on a desktop or laptop, click on the numbered circles on the map.  The links in the map may work on a smartphone in landscape view.

1 Rowan Tree 18 Tree Stump Throne

1 Rowan Tree 2 Large Tall Oak Tree 3 Ash Tree with Hole
4 Board Walk 5 Woodpecker Holes in Tree 6 Coppice Stool
7 Ash Logs and Fungi 8 Currants 9 Open Area
10 Bench 11 Trees Leaning across Path 12 Path to Forest School
13 Spider Tree 14 Dead Hedge 15 Wood Anemones
16 Coppiced Hazel 17 Holly 18 Tree Stump Throne
19 Forest School 20 Fairy Ring

Map Copyright Leicester City Council.
All photos by Stuart Mucklejohn unless otherwise stated.