Author: Knighton Wild

Autumn jobs in the churchyard

It’s time again to prepare the meadow in the churchyard for winter. We had a great display of Ox Eye Daisies this year and we want to see them flower in profusion again next year. Once the seed heads have shed their burden we strim the dead grass and flower stalks. It’s important to remove […]

Knighton Green in summer lockdown

Recently we had our first non virtual committee meeting on Knighton Green since lockdown. Apart from feeling more like a set of skittles than a committee due to social distancing this was a successful foray. Although we have not been able to re-sow the meadow this year the Green is still proving a restful haven […]

In Nicky’s lockdown garden

From the viewpoint of an enthusiastic amateur living alone, with nowhere to go and time on her hands, I have been looking more at life in my garden (much to the amusement of the neighbors seeing the mad woman standing motionless staring at her hedge with a camera in hand, and also entertaining a couple […]

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