Autumn jobs in the churchyard

It’s time again to prepare the meadow in the churchyard for winter.

We had a great display of Ox Eye Daisies this year and we want to see them flower in profusion again next year.

Spring in the churchyard

Once the seed heads have shed their burden we strim the dead grass and flower stalks. It’s important to remove the”arisings” from the meadow so we don’t add nutrient to the soil. Wildflowers thrive in poorer soils so we don’t want any undue fertiliser added!

Work to do to get the meadow ready for winter

This year Uta has been working on her scything skills. We’re not competitive but it was interesting to compare my petrol strimmer with Uta’s classic scythe. We all agreed that while the strimmer might be quicker and can get into corners, Uta’s scythe makes a pleasing sound and a very clean cut. The scythe won! Both tools maintain social distance in their own way.

Uta scything with John strimming in the background.

Nicky and Tim raked off the arisings and Tim dragged them over to the dead hedge. Steve meanwhile dealt with a patch of long grass which grasshoppers enjoy in the summer. After a couple of hours steady work we had more or less finished and it was time for a break.

Job done!