Look out for wildlife during times of social isolation

It’s a great time to get observing and recording  – go to Naturespot to find out about things to look out for in March and the joys of Social Distancing. If you have any interesting records or photos do share them with us either in the comments section of this page, on our Facebook page or email them to info@knightonwild.org.uk  include a photo if you can.

There are 1337 species recorded so far based on 6055 observations – how many more can we make over the next few weeks? All validated records go to the County Recorder so they contribute to knowledge of how our wildlife is changing over time.

Summer visitors should be arriving over the coming weeks so let’s see what arrives in our neighbourhood.


iNaturalist is a citizen science project where you can also record your findings – it has a handy app and a very interesting AI system that makes suggestions to help you identify your observations (clever!)

However it has important limitations – the records do not go anywhere else unlike NatureSpot and its Identification engine is biased towards North America where most of its records are made.  Use the app to make suggestions that you can then check out on the NatureSpot species galleries before entering them on NatureSpot.


Bored with daytime TV? Follow the Leicester peregrines and Rutland ospreys on webcams

Leicester Peregrines
Rutland Ospreys