Bird boxes and tree planting on Knighton Green


A small group of hardy workers met on Saturday morning to plant a Sorbus Aucuparia (Cardinal Royal) in the spinney area of the Green.  The tree was donated by members of the local chapter of the National Womens Register which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year.  The Sorbus will provide flowers in spring (nectar), berries in autumn (feed for birds) and lovely autumn colour (human interest!) We also put up 13 bird and bat boxes to provide more nesting and roosting sites on the Green.  Steve also checked out and cleaned the 10 bird boxes we put in the Churchyard two years ago.  In the first year 3 had been occupied but this year 7 had evidence of nests. The least popular box is the Robin box.  One box had been opened early by a Greater Spotted Woodpecker – not sure about the fate of the inhabitants.

After our hard work we had a lightly smoked cup of coffee courtesy of Nicky’s Kelly Kettle.  Sam Oldman stopped by with his son and dog and we had an interesting chat about the therapeutic gardening service he offers in Clarendon Park and around. We are always looking for new volunteers so if you want to spend a couple of hours on occasional Saturday mornings then drop me a line on and we will put you on our list.