Can you spare a Saturday morning to work on Knighton Green?

There’s work to be done on Knighton Green over the next two to three months and we need your help! Our plans include:

  • making and putting up bird and bat boxes
  • preparing and planting in the spinney to improve the under storey
  • preparing and sowing this year’s meadow
Making bird boxes for the churchyard
Folk in sheds – making bird boxes for the churchyard
Making sure the meadow seed are firmly in the ground
Mike gets to use his axe to help lay the hedge
Kelly kettle
Time for a brew













You can help us make a difference for wildlife and enjoy yourself at the same time.

If you can spare a Saturday morning now and again then email  
we will send you an email telling you when the working sessions are and what sort of work we’ll be doing.  Don’t worry no special skills are needed and Nicky always brings her kelly storm kettle for tea and coffee!  All you need to bring is a mug for your hot drink and sensible shoes and clothing.  We’ll bring the rest.