November Meeting: Hedgehog Rescue

Bev's Hogspital

Bev’s talk inspired everyone who came to hear her last week.  We heard about the long hours on call and the time commitment it takes to raise a rescued young hog. And Bev brought along a real live hog that she had rescued and was now ready for release.  We watched Sebastian the hog grow from 150g to over 1Kg – you can see a clip below of Sebastian exploring life in the garden!

At the meeting Bev talked about what to to feed any hogs that appear in your garden  – and most importantly what not to feed them:

Do feed hogs in your garden with:

Cat biscuits (fish free); meat based dog or cat food (fish free) and plenty of water

Don’t feed hogs in your garden with:

Milk; fished based pet foods; Peanuts; Meal worms; Sunflower hearts

Bev is part of Leicestershire Hedgehog Rescue (click here to find out more)