Forthcoming Meetings and Events

This summarises meetings and events in the near future. Entries in bold are organised by Knighton Wild or taking place in Knighton.


Date and Venue Description Organiser
26th April to 5th May City Nature Challenge Leicester City Council, NatureSpot, Leicester University, Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust
Saturday 27th April, 10.30 am. Meet at Knighton Green at the end of Church Lane, near the bridge. Recording wildlife in Knighton Green and the Churchyard for City Nature Challenge. Knighton Wild
Sunday 28th April, 2.00 pm.
Meet at the City Nature Challenge Basecamp in Knighton Park.
Recording wildlife in Knighton Park for City Nature Challenge. Knighton Wild, Friends of Knighton Park, Knighton Park Gardening Club
Wednesday 15th May, 7.30 pm
Knighton Parish Centre, Church Lane, LE2 3WG
AGM and Talk about Leicestershire and Rutland Swift Partnership Knighton Wild