Planting at Knighton Green – 17th November 2018

On Saturday 17th November, members of Leicester de Montfort Rotary Club and scouts from 68th Leicester Scout Group, who meet on Cademan Close, got together to plan 2,000 crocus bulbs at Knighton Green.  Since hearing about the plans to improve the area, Simon Smart, one of the scout leaders has been keen to get involved.  The Rotary Club had 5,000 crocus bulbs to plant as part their Purple for Polio campaign (see note below) and when Stuart Mucklejohn from the Rotary group heard about the Knighton Green project, they offered to donate 2,000 to plant in Knighton Green.  This set the scene for half a dozen Rotary members and ten or so scouts to get together and plant 2,000 bulbs in an hour!  They will provide a splash of colour in the Spring, but will hopefully provide an even better display the following year.

All planting along the path

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Nicky Thompson of Friends of Knighton Green said, “We started planting at the Kenwood Road entrance and planted groups of bulbs about 1m from the path the full length of the Green.  Gaps were left between the clumps to allow access onto the play area.  More bulbs were planted in the small triangle between the church and the brook to provide a fine display in the spring for people walking between Kingsmead Road and Church Lane.”

Many thanks to all who helped.

What is Purple4Polio?

The Rotary Club of Leicester de Montfort is a supporter of Purple4Polio which is part of Rotary International’s programme to eliminate polio worldwide. For over 30 years, Rotary and its members have been committed to fighting to eradicate polio across the world. The Purple4Polio initiative is one launched by Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland to raise funds and awareness for our efforts to eradicate polio across the world and promote the work of our global campaign, End Polio Now.

When a child receives their life saving polio drops on mass polio immunisation days in many countries their little finger is painted with a purple dye so it is clear they have received their life saving vaccine. Planting purple crocus corms is thus a way of raising awareness about the need to eradicate polio, funding the campaign and improving the environment local to individual Rotary clubs.

To find out more or support Rotary International in their campaign to end polio click here to see their campaign page.