Plant Galls Walk in Knighton Spinney – 9th September 2018

Walk in Knighton Spinney to find plant galls

Meet at 10.00 am, Sunday 9th September, Knighton Park Palmerston Way Car Park

Leader: Chris Leach, British Plant Gall Society

Chris came and gave a talk to Knighton Wild last year, and this walk is a follow-up session to enable us to find plant galls in the Spinney.  We shall be finished by 12.30.

Plant galls montage

Plant galls are an abnormal growth of a plant in response to an attack by some other organism – fungus, bacteria, virus or invertebrate. The growths they produce are often fascinating and colourful, and the organisims that cause the galls often have unusual and interesting life cycles, like the tongues of fire gall (top left in the photo-montage), which has two generations that alternate between hawthorn and juniper.