Swift Survey – Results – 28th June 2018

Update – Three of us cycled round Knighton and Clarendon Park on Thursday evening.  In several areas, there was no sign of swifts.  Peter thought that they would be feeding up high where they are out of sight, and it may be better to check later in the evening.  We did confirm a reported nest on Howard Road and saw groups of swifts at Clarendon Park Road, Herrick Road and Gainsborough Road.  We saw a lone lapwing flying west across the rooftops of Knighton from Knighton Fields Road.

What was also interesting is that we didn’t see a single house martin or house martin nest during the hour and a half that we spent in the areas round Guilford Road, Stoneygate Avenue, London Road, Springfield Road, the Avenues, Howard Road, Adderley Road, Clarendon Park Road, Welford Road, Knighton Fields, Gainsborough Road, Church Lane, Kingsmead Road, Welford Road.

Original Post – Via Facebook people have told us about where they have seen swifts around Knighton, Knighton Fields and Clarendon Park.  On Thursday 28th June a group of us will be joined by Peter Williams of the Leicestershire and Rutland Swift Project to cycle round and see what nest sites we can identify.

If you’d like to join us, we will meet at the top end of Guilford Road (near the London Road junction) at 6.30 pm on Thursday.  We plan to cycle round and will go through Clarendon Park and Knighton, ending up on Aylestone Road.  We are cycling, as it is quicker than walking, more environmentally friendly than driving, and we can look and listen out for swifts as we go.