Mini-Bioblitz at Queen’s Road Allotments – 27th May 2018

Queens Road Allotments

Working with the Allotment Society, we have organised a mini-Bioblitz at the Queen’s Road Allotments on Sunday 27th May.

The aims will be to identify and record as many species as we can during the day and to help allotment owners understand the wildlife on the site and how to encourage it.  We will put together an exhibition including photos for their Open Day in August.

The main event will be from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm.  Entrance is via the private road between 218 and 220 Queen’s Road, next to the old Queen’s Road Medical Centre.  Please don’t park on the private road.  Our base for the day will be in the Allotment Society shed – go through the gate on the south side of the private road and walk south down the path that runs parallel to Queen’s Road.  Not all allotments will be open for recording, so please check on the day.

There are two early morning activities: Helen O’Brien, the County Recorder for Mammals, will be opening some small mammal traps at 7.00 am; and we will be opening a couple of moth traps that will be left overnight on the allotments at 8.00 am.  One of these will be the new moth trap that we have recently bought for Knighton Wild from Adrian Russell, the County Recorder for Moths and Butterflies, who ran the Moth Breakfast event for us last year.  If you would like to come to either of these activities, please let us know, as the allotments will not be open at that point, and we need to know who is coming.  Email or ring Simon Bennett on O78O1 816947.

This photo shows members at the similar event that we ran last year at the Washbrook Allotments.

We would like to encourage all members and contacts of Knighton Wild to come along to the event.  It’s an excellent opportunity to practise your identification skills and learn from some of the experts who will be there.