Bird Identification Talk and Walk – 21st and 24th March 2018

Many members have said they would like sessions to help them identify different species, so we are planning two events in the first half of this year: Birds in March and Butterflies in June.

The first of these will be on Wednesday 21st March, 7.30 pm in Knighton Parish Centre on how to identify the birds you might see in and around Leicester, followed by a practical session on Saturday 24th March at 10.00 am (finishing by 12.30 pm) in Knighton Park for people to practise their new identification skills.  The sessions are for people who are relative beginners in bird identification, so if you can’t tell a song thrush from a mistle thrush or a wood pigeon from a stock dove or you wouldn’t recognise the call of a great-spotted woodpecker or a goldcrest if you heard it, come along and learn to identify some specific birds and also learn some general skills that will help you to identify other birds in the future.