Bird Nesting Boxes for St Mary’s Churchyard – January 2018

We plan to put up a small number of bird nesting boxes in St Mary Magdalen Churchyard on Saturday 20th January between 1.30 pm and 4.00 pm.  There will be a session the previous Saturday (13th January) for a small number of people to build the nest boxes.  Space is limited due to the size of the shed!

bird nest box blueprint

If you can’t help but would be willing to sponsor a nest box by covering the cost of materials with a donation of £5, we are also looking for support that way.

Please contact John Crookes, or email us at



2 comments on Bird Nesting Boxes for St Mary’s Churchyard – January 2018

  1. Re:- the bird boxes that you are making – don’t forget that blue tit boxes are often used by queen bumblebees to set up their colonies in Spring – in particular Tree Bumbles [Bombus hypnorum]; although I have had other bumble species use them in my garden in the past eg Early Bumbles [Bombus pratorum]. They do not gather in their own nesting material, so you will have to provide some for them to use [old nesting material when cleaning out nest boxes is OK [mind the fleas!]. Avoid using timber that has been treated.
    You could also leave off the front panel of your box and pack it with short lengths of bamboo canes , for solitary bees to use. [7mm to 8mm internal dia]. Put the boxes up in good time [late Feb] facing south & sheltered, for when the females are on the wing…………
    Keep up the good work! See you in 2018 when the weather is a bit warmer.

  2. Thanks Maggie for you comments, our next activity after the birdbox installation is setting up bug hotels and habitats – we’ll be doing this in February.

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