Hedge Laying in the Churchyard

Eleven of us spent a busy time on Saturday 25th November laying a hedge in the churchyard at St Mary Magdalen in Knighton.  There were a number of small trees along the fence on the north side of the churchyard, which can be seen in the ‘before’ photo here.

We trimmed the smaller trees then cut them using billhooks to create the pleachers, where the tree can be bent over but still retains a connection to the roots, laid them horizontally, and then inserted stakes made from hazel from coppicing on one of the Wildlife Trust’s reserves and binders (more hazel) to hold the stakes and the hedge in place. 

The larger trees are left in place as standards.  The hedge will grow up from the base, creating a stronger and thicker structure with plenty of habitat for wildlife.  We also used the trimmings and branches cut off the trees to create a dead hedge in the small spinney next to the green area between Church Lane and Kenwood Road.  This will provide habitat for wildlife in the spinney.

John has uploaded some photos of the day to Google Photos, and we will be creating a gallery of photos here on the website.

If you are interested in practical action to improve Knighton for Wildlife, why not join us at our next event on Wednesday 20th December, 10.00 am to 2.00 pm, when we shall be cleaning in and around the pond at the Wash Brook Reserve?  Meet at 10.00 am at the pond.  Let us know if you are going to come along by emailing info@knightonwild.org.uk.