CrowdFund Leicester – Kenwood Road Green Space

Leicester City Council has launched a new initiative for funding community projects.  They have linked with SpaceHive, a crowdfunding platform (a website that provides a means for people to pledge money to projects), to create CrowdFund Leicester.  They have also created a budget of £100,000 for community engagement, which will be allocated to some projects that come forward through CrowdFund Leicester, up to a maximum of £10,000 each.

As part of this project, the council has also made four areas of land in the city available for community projects,  These include the area at the end of Kenwood Road, bordered by Kenwood Road, the bowls club, the brook, Church Lane and the end of Balmoral Close, which they have called ‘Kingsmead Road Green Spaces’.

The idea is that community groups should come up with projects to use these areas of land.  The City Council is not yet clear on whether they would transfer ownership or make the land available at a peppercorn rent.

If you have ideas about how a community project could improve this piece of land (or any other in Knighton) for wildlife, comment on this post, or email us at:

info at knighton wild dot org dot uk

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  1. Hi Knighton Wild,
    Just a few thoughts/memories………Surely there’s got to be a more interesting name than “Kingsmead Road Green Spaces”. The Washbrook Nature Area has already been earmarked down Knighton Lane East, so what about Church Lane Nature Area [or Kenwood N.A?; or Home Farm N.A.]. Think about the history of the place – part of historic Home Farm; – the old Wash Stones alongside the brook – who scrubbed their clothes there? – who moved the stones to their current position, in order to straighten/concrete the Wash Brook channel for flood relief purposes; was it a ford before the footbridge was put in? Did the farm animals come to drink there? [Was an old cowbell once found in one of the fields?]. Was it one of the old Knighton footpaths. Perhaps the water quality was a bit better in the past; Were the wash stones glacial boulders – or where did they come from? The line of Lombardy poplar trees where the local bats feed – it has always been an area for nature, adjacent to St Mary’s Churchyard.
    Is KnightonWIld thinking of a project – perhaps connected to Nick & UrbanBuzz?

    1. Maggie, very interesting the name is just what the council use so a rename would be helpful. The memories / questions are intriguing. It would be interesting to look at some of the old maps of the area.

  2. in relation to this project which is close to my scout hut on Cademan close.
    i`m now a scout leader at the 68th and would like more information as how i could get my scouts involved in this project
    which is in there local area

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