i-Tree Canopy Survey

Members of the Tree Survey Group are carrying out a online survey of the tree cover in Knighton using software called i-Tree Canopy.  To use the software, you create geographical areas and upload them into the package.  It then generates random points in the area, and the user has to categorise the ground cover at that point from aerial photographs in Google Maps as tree canopy or one of another type of cover (we are using Shrub, Grass, Building and Hard Surface).  After doing this for enough points, the software produces a statistical estimate of the percentage cover of each category.  For the area covered by trees, it calculate the economic benefits of the trees in terms of pollution reduction, carbon sequestration and so on.

For our purposes, we have divided Knighton Ward into six areas, and volunteers are classifying the cover in those areas.  This will give us a picture of the whole ward and a statistical estimate of the cover types across the ward.  It will also give us an idea of the economic benefits provided by trees in the ward.

Knighton Areas for iTree
Knighton Areas for iTree

We will provide more information once the survey is complete.

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