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Wildlife Spotting in the Garden 2

One thing that people sometimes struggle with is telling the difference between different types of insect. This shouldn’t be a surprise – quite a lot of insects mimic other species, especially those that have a sting or some other form of defence. There are a number of hoverflies that are bee, wasp or bumble-bee mimics, […]

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Wildlife Spotting in the Garden 1

While we’re spending more time at home, we can be spotting wildlife in the garden. All the photos are taken in a garden in Knighton. The names in the captions are linked to NatureSpot where you can find out more. You can post your own sightings on NatureSpot and they will become part of our […]

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Maggie’s Spring notes

You may know Maggie Frankum – she is our resident bumble bee expert and has been involved with wildlife for many years.  From her house on Chapel Lane Maggie is sending me notes of what she has seen.  I am posting these in chronological order for your enjoyment and delight. 26th March Some things associated […]

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Coronavirus update

Like all other organisations we have had to cancel all our planned activities for the foreseeable future. So we won’t be able to organise walks or working groups.  Our AGM planned for May won’t now be going ahead until it’s clear it’s safe.  We’re pleased that Tim Graham the new Chief Executive of our Wildlife […]

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